Special Announcement…..I don’t think you heard me…I Have a Special Announcement!

I am officially working on my third yes third instrumental album! This album will be a complete set of hip-hop beats which is a departure of my previous album structure. On my previous two albums, I did half hip-hop and half dance music but we going all the way hip-hop this time. No title or cover art as of yet but the album is coming in this calendar year. I’m about 20% done. Sonically, this album is sounding amazing so far. Honestly, I can drop the songs I have as an EP and the ish will be a bonafide classic! I’m not gonna do that…a full album is necessary and it’s coming soon. Thanks in advance for the support and stay tuned for more details over the next couple of weeks.

New music and video from Mani Draper.

Major Song Major Video!